Space Journey 3D


Animated desktop backgrounds of space


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Space Journey 3D is a pack of animated desktop backgrounds set in space that you can use to create the impression that you're traveling through space on a high-speed intergalactic journey.

These backgrounds will throw you into space through black holes, nebulas, and stars with alien features so that your computer will surprise you with original effects.

Immerse yourself in the universe and go on a fascinating journey each time you work on your computer or the screensaver starts. The different environments included in the pack will rotate on your screen to make sure that you never grow bored.

From the application's options menu, you can change the speed of your journey (try out the maximum setting for a real thrill ride). You can also control the time it takes for the animations to change, making your desktop more dynamic or more static as a result.

These desktop backgrounds are original and totally customizable - try setting them to random, or changing the direction from forward to backwards to find your perfect parameters.

An alert that you're using the trial version will appear every few minutes, or 'Don't forget to register' will show up on your desktop.

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